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Tutoring Services

With the uncertainty of what this coming school year will bring, Kiddiesportz is continuing to find ways to support remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic for all subjects for students in grades K-8 -- all year long!  

 With our service, your kids will:

  • Log into their school's remote learning system every morning with our guidance and technical support.

  • Supervise and complete their daily classwork and homework.

  • Learn lessons in advance.

  • Improve their reading comprehension.

  • Fall in love with the world of learning.

For off campus/distance learning, we use your child’s school curriculum and for homeschooling, we use Abeka, Robinson and Khan Academy curriculum.

Our tutors are masters of their content who use creative, innovative teaching methods. They are eager to drive student success!

We do these one-on-one and group lessons through Zoom, Google hangouts and Facebook Video to make sure they get the full attention they deserve. We also offer in person private tutoring if needed, as we are following the mask mandate.

Tutoring sessions are highly engaging. Speak with a tutor in real time and screenshare your work or have your tutor screenshare for live direct instruction.

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